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About Us

The Nevada Civil War Volunteers was founded on December 1, 1980 by Charles Tinder, David Schene, Glenwood Brevick, Christopher Cook, and Kenneth Kruger. The purpose of the organization as stated in the Articles of Incorporation was "the advancement of knowledge and reenactment activities depicting the American Civil War era."

As an organization, NCWV has remained true to this chartering mission. Members attend 8-10 battle reenactments across Nevada and California each year;  teach in at least 12-14 schools each year; and as an organization, NCWV hosts 5-7 events each year, in addition to marching in multiple parades and having a presence at community events.

In 2017, Nevada Civil War Volunteers welcomed the Fort Churchill Living History Organization into her folds as a subsidiary. The FCLHO portrays the Division of the Pacific in the Indian War era. 


Member units of the Nevada Civil War Volunteers include the: II Corps Medical Services Detachment, 1st Nevada Cavalry, 140th Pennsylvania Infantry, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, 4th Texas Infantry, 2nd Company of the South Carolina Battalion of Sharpshooters, 14th Texas Cavalry, Norfolk Light Artillery Blues, the Confederate States Marine Corps Artillery, the United States Christian Commission, and the United States Sanitary Commission.

Member Units of the FCLHO include: Pacific Division Staff, 8th US Cavalry, 5th US Cavalry, 6th US Artillery and the 4th US Infantry.

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