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Education Outreach

The Nevada Civil War Volunteers is proud to offer educational services to schools in Nevada and California. We will always make an effort to accommodate any requests, though we do ask for a good amount of advance notice. We structure our instruction to meet and exceed Social Studies standards set by the Nevada Department of Education. This is primarily the responsibility of the NCWV Board of Education, which compiles curriculum and works to ensure our material is up to snuff for schools. 

The unique part of the outreach and lessons we offer is the personal touch and dedication of our members. Nothing engages students more than seeing someone who is the most interested in the knowledge they have to impart. Our members engage students because they are engaged themselves in the topics they discuss. There is never a dull moment and never a bored gaze.

NCWV Services Offered

Nevada Civil War Volunteers offers educational options as follows:

Full scale encampment: A full day with stations students rotate through each period, with the option of a battle at the end of each period.

Single lessons: Topics are taught by a smaller group of reenactors and cover the following:

--Life of the Union Soldier

--Life of the Confederate Soldier

--Civilian perspectives on the war

--Women in the American Civil War

--Evolution of Medicine during the American Civil War

--Evolution of Technology during the American Civil War

--Civilian dressing

--Music during the American Civil War

--Religion during the American Civil War

--Applications of mathematics during the American Civil War

--History of the Civil War era Marine Corps

If you are looking for a particular lesson not listed, please contact us, as we will assuredly be able to provide it, or bring in someone who can.

Artillery Demonstration
Kate Warne
Rifle Loading
The Medical Services
The Horse Soldiers
The Cannon at Work
Civilian Life
Women in the War

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