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The Fort Churchill Living History Organization

The Fort Churchill Living History Organization portrays the Division of the Pacific during the Indian Wars Period (1866-1890). Members also double as living docents most weekends in Virginia City, and can be found at the Bucket of Blood Saloon. The goal of the organization is to eventually acquire grant funding for a replica of Fort Homestead to be built on the Comstock.

Division of the Pacific Command Staff

Division Commanding Officer

MG Mark Pavelek

Division Executive Officer

BG Bryan Staples

Division Cavalry Brigade Commander

COL Dan Osborne

Division Assistant Adjutant General

LTC John Tuomala

8th United States Cavalry Regiment

Regimental Staff

B Troop Staff

H Troop Staff

M Troop Staff

Regimental Commanding Officer

COL Michael Pavelek

Regimental Executive Officer

LTC Michael Young

Staff Officer

MAJ Michael Northan

Regimental Quartermaster

MAJ Richard Ireland

Commanding Officer

MAJ Roland Gysen

Senior Enlisted Leader

1SG Christopher Parker

Commanding Officer

CPT Joe Bricky

Executive Officer

2LT Joe Bricky

Commanding Officer

CPT Noah L. Jennings

Senior Enlisted Leader

SGT Eric Brown

The 8th Cavalry Regiment is a regiment of the United States Army formed in 1866 during the American Indian Wars. The 8th Cavalry continued to serve under a number of designations, fighting in every other major US conflict since, except World War I, when it was not deployed to Europe because it was already engaged in the Punitive Expedition in Mexico from 1916 to 1920. It is currently a component of the 1st Cavalry Division.

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