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3rd Company, Battalion of Sharpshooters, McGowan's South Carolina Brigade

McGowan’s brigade fought in every battle of the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days until Appomattox. By May of 1864 it was reduced to a quarter of its original strength, but the men who were left were tested veterans who would not run away.


A third of these men were killed or wounded at the Mule Shoe including General McGowan, who was shot in the arm as he initially led his brigade into the fight that morning, his fourth wound of the war.

Samuel McGowan was a lawyer, politician and Mexican War veteran from Laurens, South Carolina. McGowan had been colonel of the 14th South Carolina until he was promoted to brigadier general in January of 1863. He survived the war despite his four wounds and was regarded as one of the best brigade commanders in the Army of Northern Virginia.

Company Commander:

1LT Luke Bullis


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